Dynamic Speaker and Teacher

Lee Gutkind, recognized by Vanity Fair as “the Godfather behind creative nonfiction,” tells you, step-by-step, in a compelling easy to adapt manner, how to communicate a vital message about any subject or idea through nonfiction narrative. Gutkind not only demonstrates the power of story, but his “Writing True Stories That Matter” techniques have been adapted and acclaimed by diverse audiences throughout the world.

Recently, Gutkind has presented to record-breaking audiences at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to scientists and engineers at the National Academy of Sciences, to advocates at Earth Justice, to teachers and administrators at the Institute for Learning, to scholars at the International Design Frontiers national conference, to the prestigious Council on Healthcare Economics and Policy at Princeton University—and to librarians, museum audience and students and faculty at creative writing and journalism conferences and festivals—from China, to Australia to the Middle East.

He is, according to his audiences, “entertaining, exhilarating, refreshing, flexible.” “A mesmerizing storyteller, as compelling on stage as he is on the page” said one recent sponsor.

Inspiring Mentor

First at the University of Pittsburgh and now at Arizona State University, Gutkind’s “Writing True Stories That Matter” courses and workshops have been popular among the student body. His former students have garnered many awards, including the Pulitzer Prize and have published in major newspapers and magazines, including The New Yorker, Harper’s, GQ, Esquire, Time , The Washington Post and The Atlantic. Many of Gutkind’s students have written highly praised best-selling books, including Rebecca Skloot, Jeanne Marie Laskas, Scott MacLeod and Michael Chabon.

Gutkind tailors his workshops and presentations to the needs and convenience of his audiences—from an hour, to a day—to weeklong, hands-on immersive experiences.